Thursday, June 30, 2011

Daddy Hugs (and the real picture)

I made this page for SNR. I love the simplicity of it.

I found the little flowers at Michaels on clearance and they just worked so perfectly on this page. I even wrote DIRECTLY ON THE PHOTO!! This made me so nervous! What if I messed up? What if I misspelled a word? What if my spacing was off? Seriously, that made me SO a little crazed. But after all that worrying, it came out great, I think.

But there is more of a story to that picture of DD#2 and dear hubby. We had been out all day long on a mommy demanded requested photo shoot. The girls all had coordinating clothes. My inlaws were trucking along. Dear hubby was toting the camera bag and my screen all day. And this picture was at the end of the day when we had all been reduced to boredom or goofing off. True to himself, dear hubby was goofing off. This wasn't just a daddy hug, it was DD#2, holding on to him as he pretended to pick her nose! Look at the unedited!

Thank goodness for photo editing software! Thank goodness for cropping! And thank goodness for the story because that is really the best part!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Elle's Studio 6.23 sketch

Today was the first day I have scrapbooked in over two weeks! Yes, TWO weeks! I can hardly believe it myself! I guess after the retreat I just needed to take a time out from the paper. But today, I forced myself out of bed at 5:30 AM just so I could get some quiet scrapbooking time in before the girlies all woke up.

This page was not the page I did at the crack of dawn, but I did make it today. I figured that taking some time to work on an unassigned challenge was okay as a second page, right?! So it is the last day to get the Elle's Studio sketch take up and I am making it! Woo hoo!!!

Most of the stuff came from the June Studio Calico kit. I did add the Elle's Studio handmade layers tag, which I took out of the June Sweet Peach Crop Shop kit as well as some other stuff I had in my stash.

And I love the picture of DD#2.

I took the picture while en route to my inlaws house in the side view mirror. I just thought it was cool. And she did not realize I was taking her picture!

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Sketchy Thursdays 6.23

Baby girl had her recital a couple of weeks ago and oh my goodness, she was the cutest ballerina I have ever seen. She just shined in that tutu! And the make-up! WOW! She was in heaven with that. Well, this week's Sketchy Thursday's sketch was PERFECT for getting more of those recital pictures onto one page. Here is the sketch.

And here is that sweet girl, well, her on my page. Hee hee.

That face. Those red lips! She is such a doll!

But, y'all need to head over to Sketchy Thursday's right now and get your pages loaded! Don't miss out on the awesome prize!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sketchy Thursdays 6.16

So I am a little late today with this! Last night we had horrible thunderstorms and I turned off and unplugged my computer early in the night. I am so paranoid about losing all my photos that I had to for piece of mind. (I do have them all backed up though. I learned my lesson with that one!) Anyway, then this morning we had VBS until 1 o'clock! So now it is after 3 and I am just getting this posted! So sorry!

So the new sketch this week from Sketchy Thursdays is awesome.

I love it. I worked on this one at a scrapbooking retreat and had a limited number of pictures to pull from. Had I been at home I probably would have used 4 photos, but being there and a little more limited because I did not have my computer and printer, I used just one. Here is my take.

I have trouble with circular elements, I don't know why but I do. But the drawn circles sort of in the background are not bold enough to interrupt my flow too much. I guess I could have used a different shape, but I was trying something new, darn it!

Anway, head back over to Sketchy Thursdays and play along!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Elle's Studio Sketch 6.9

Well, I missed last week's Elle's Studio sketch because I just couldn't get myself together, but this weekend I went to a scrapbook retreat and was able to get this one done! I love this week's sketch. It is just so easy to use!

Here is mine...

Thanks for stopping by. I need to head off and take the kids to the pool.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

SNR - June issue #1

Part 1 of SNR's June issue is up, and WOW it is HUGE!!! You guys have to go check it out. It is so loaded with inspiration, I am totally blown away! Look at the cover...

That is my page!!! WOW!!!

I hope you go check out everything, because it really is AMAZING!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sketchy Thursdays 6.9

Wow, has this been a incredibly busy week! I should be gone already too, but see I am still playing around on the computer. But I wanted to get the newest sketch from Sketchy Thursdays posted before I blow this joint for the weekend.

Here is the sketch...

And here is my take on it.

I realized that pretty much all of the pages I have made lately have been of this baby girl. I am not entirely sure why. I can only think it is because she is getting too big too fast and I feel like I am scrambling to keep up with her. I am not ready for this at all. On Monday morning as I was getting her ready for her first day of camp, she said to me, "Mommy, today is the first day of camp. I am a little bit scared." It broke my heart to hear this, not because I was worried for her because I knew she was going to have blast, but because she is old enough to be telling me her feelings this clearly! I know time cannot stand still, and honestly, most days would not want it to, but at the same time these girls are moving so quickly from little bit to big and strong, I am having a hard time.

Well, that is enough sap out of me. Head on over and check out the awesome prize and get your layouts linked. I am headed to scrapbook!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

6.2 Sketchy Thursdays

I love this sketch. It is so fun. I love all the elements. The single photo. The flowers. I love it all.

I'll be honest though, I had no idea what photo I was going to use for it. I ended up flipping through a stack I had already printed but was not using (at least not for what I had originally thought) and found two of baby girl. She is a beach lover, just like me. The two of us will talk about taking off and living on the beach and never coming so far inland again! Every now and then she will ask me if it is time to move to the beach. Yep, she is mine. I love that. She is that way by design!

I had a lot of fun with this one. First, I used two photos, but they are small. Lots of paint. (Note to self: It is easier to wash the paint off a stamp when the paint is still wet. Dry paint takes some elbow grease.) And lots of different elements. It was fun to really play around with supplies.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and make sure you head over to Sketchy Thursdays and upload your creations for a chance at the prize!!!